Black and White by Vixen1836

Summary:Edward Masen left his accomplished military career after a traumatic event left him hospitalized for months. He has been released from care and the military and is now trying to redefine his life as a civilian. As a reconnaissance Marine, Edward experienced the trials of war during several tours of duty and is afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In an attempt to heal and find purpose, he has sought complete solitude and abandoned his former identity completely while living alone in his mother’s ancestral home in Washington. The lifestyle he has chosen is quiet, regimental, controlled and yet very unstable. As a fierce independent, he spends his days alone attempting to master his condition while pursuing philosophical considerations and routine in an attempt to stabilize his new life. His anxiety, nightmares, and emotional and spiritual crisis complicate matters. Upon advice from his mother, Edward decides to take a trip to the Washington wilderness outside of the nearest town, Forks. Intent on seeking natural atonement, he never expected to meet college student Isabella Swan along the way. She is an intelligent, good-natured, optimistic young woman that’s home for the summer from the University of Washington. From the first encounter, they both experience infatuation and intrigue before quietly falling in love. The lives of both change and an irreversible course through pain, struggle, compassion, and companionship is forged. It’s love, hope and redemption. RATED M FOR LANGUAGE/ADULT SEXUAL CONTENT. AU/AH. CANON PAIRINGS.

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  1. そーなんだ・・・ 私は出版分は読んでなくて、フィクは出版が決まって「続きは本で読んでね♡」のA/Nで切れてしまった(怒) ファンを何だと思ってんだーってね。 フィクはベラが過去をつぶやきだすまではなかったんだけど、いやエドワードのモノローグで十分長かった。普通のフィクならもう佳境!?というところでやっと話が進みだすかなーってかんじで読んでて疲れた作品です。

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